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Given the extensive and wide-ranging professional experiences and expertise of our staff, we provide a far reaching array of services.  All services are designed to improve the lives of individuals in need, including those on the Autism Spectrum, and to assist those who devote their lives to helping them, teaching them and elevating the quality of their lives.



School and SELPA Consultation, Including:

  • Staff Training

  • District-wide Program and Systems Assistance

  • Classroom Set-Up

  • Capacity Building (District/SELPA Specialists/Support staff development, BCBA Supervision, Demonstration Classrooms)

  • Behavior Program Development and Oversight

  • Instructional Programs/Curricula Creation and Implementation

  • IEP Development and Support

  • Testing and Assessment

  • Social Skill Group Development and Oversight

Agency and Private Case Consultation

Trainings and Workshops


Trainings and Workshops to Range of Groups Including:

  • Professional Organizations

  • Conferences

  • Agencies

  • Parent Groups

  • School Districts and SELPAs

Variety of Training Experiences

  • Basic

  • Advanced

  • Orientations

  • Specific Topics

  • Comprehensive Staff Development

  • Didactic and Experiential

Assessments and Evaluations

  • FBAs,

  • FAAs

  • Behavior Assessments

  • Social Assessments

  • Full Psycho-Educational Evaluations 










Legal Support
  • Expert Testimony

  • Case Support/Consultation

  • IEP Attendance

  • Testing and Assessment

Social Skills Groups


In the future we are likely to be providing local social skill and relationship building groups based on our expertise in the area and our approach as outlined in Crafting Connections and elsewhere. Please watch this space for more information.

Counseling Services


In the future we are likely to be providing counseling services for persons with ASD who have emerging or conflicted internal worlds.  We have extensive experience in this area and  our unique approach is both psychotherapeutically and behaviorally oriented.  Individual and group counseling for parents and siblings of persons with ASD are also being considered. Please watch this space for more information.

ABA Conference in Australia


As Keynote Speaker, Dr. Taubman discusses developing authentic social skills that build genuine relationships.

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