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Our Contemporary and Clinical Approach to Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Our approach is characterized by a unique blend of psychological elements and empirically supported ABA intervention.  Arising out of years of clinical experience and published research, our model is effective and efficient, caring and compassionate.  It is based on the philosophy that any service, whether located in homes, clinics, schools, or in the community must be of the highest quality, meaningful, and student/client centric if individuals with ASD or those with other needs are to reach their greatest potential.

This Unique Model Includes Such Elements As:

  • Highly Effective, Evidenced-Based Treatment, Intervention, and Instructional Techniques

  • In the Moment Analysis and Decision Making (as opposed to the following of rigid, fixed protocols)

  • Simple to Sophisticated Motivation Arrangements

  • Focus on the Building of Essential Skills Through Systematic Instruction

  • Progressive, Proactive Teaching as the Core of Behavior Programming

  • Recognition That There Can Be Many Different, Sometimes Unique, Functions of Behavior.

  • Highly Individualized Intervention

  • Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

  • Technical Precision

  • Emphasis on Moving Intervention from Structure to Independent Everyday Usage

  • Fluid, Positive, and Naturalistic Approach to Treatment and Education

  • Curricula that Emphasize Meaningfulness and Authenticity

  • Staff Training That Not Only Increases Knowledge But Promotes Enhanced Competencies

  • Focus on Emotions, Dynamics, and Systems as well as Behaviors.

  • Recognition and Appreciation of the Fact That People Are More Than Just the Sum of Their Behaviors

  • Consideration of Practical Realities

  • A Collaborative Approach

  • Respect for the Value, Dignity, and Integrity of All Parties

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