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Dr. Taubman had Two Presentations at This Year's Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Symposium:

"Can You Have it All? Defensible, Cost Effective, and Efficacious Contemporary ABA Programs for Students with Autism" with education consultant Mary Schillinger and "Responding to Inappropriate Sexual Behavior at School" with attorneys Jennifer Fain and Eve Fichtner









Crafting Connections has been translated into Russian!! (with a new introduction by Dr. Taubman for the Russian edition)













Dr. Taubman and Mary Schillenger just presented at the Pacific Northwest Institute Conference on Special Education and the Law. Their talk on Inclusion for Students with Autism:  Getting it Right.  

If you would like copies of the power point slides, let us at Actum know.
















We have just published an entry, on the Teaching Interaction Procedure, in the New Edition of the Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Editor: Fred Volkmar)









Here's the link to an excerpt of our  entry:


Check out this newly released, essential text on Social Skills and ASD edited by our colleague Dr. Justin Leaf.  

Dr. Taubman is co-author of two of the chapters!


Handbook of Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder




In September we had the privilege of providing services in Israel.  

The talent, energy, and motivation  of the ABA team there were extraordinary and we all felt extremely enthusiastic about the new and exciting directions we were taking.

Later in the month we also had the unique opportunity to present (along with nationally renowned educational consultant and author Mary Schillinger) at The 34th Annual Pacific Northwest Institute on Special Education and the Law in Seattle, WA.  

Our topic was:  

Legally Defensible Programs for Students with Autism—Essential Elements & Guidelines





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See a Talk on Social Skills given by Dr. Taubman at an ABA Conference in Australia